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Bills vs. Ravens flim analysis: Josh Allen, elite playmaker

Josh Allen is one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in football

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen rushed 11 times for 70 yards against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Allen is one of the best running quarterbacks in the NFL. His ability to create with his legs helped the Bills out tremendously against the Ravens. Let’s dive into the film to get a better look at the elite playmaker that Allen is.

Play 1

Allen is under center. At the snap, Allen turns his back for a play fake and runs left. As Allen is going left, EDGE Odafe Oweh chases after him. Allen beats Oweh to the edge of the left sideline, then has to deal with cornerback Marlon Humphrey closing in on him to get the first down. Allen does a pump fake to keep Humphrey from closing in (Humphrey jumps to disrupt the pump fake). Humphrey slows down just enough for Allen to run by him and get the first down.

Play 2

At the snap, Allen drops back and two defenders come around the edge. To combat this, Allen steps up in the pocket. The pair of defenders are still closing in on Allen so he steps back in the pocket. Allen then turns his back to run away as the EDGE rusher grabs a bit of cloth. As Allen is running to his left, he throws a beautiful pass to rookie wide receiver Khalil Shakir right near the sideline. Allen showed pocket feet, awareness, and arm talent on this scramble.

Play 3

On this play, Allen drops back and right tackle Spencer Brown is beaten off the edge. Allen steps up as pressure is coming from the right. Everyone is back in coverage, so Allen runs in the open field and gets down safely when he runs into Ravens defenders. This is a perfect example of Allen making something out of nothing.

Play 4

The Bills utilize a QB draw on this play. Allen is in shotgun to start, with Devin Singletary to his right. At the snap, the offensive line pass sets and Allen takes it up the middle with Singletary as his lead blocker. Allen runs through about four or five defenders as he keeps his feet churning, showing great power and toughness.

Play 5

On this play, Allen lines up under center. When the ball snaps, he goes back for a play fake and turns to run to the left sideline. Linebacker Patrick Queen is closing in fast behind Allen. The QB outruns Queen to the sideline then continues running, where he makes one defender miss and walks into the endzone for a touchdown. Queen ran a 4.5-second 40-yard dash at the combine so he’s not a slow dude. The fact that Allen outran him is extremely impressive.

In Summary

Allen is one of the best players in the game. What makes him so unique and special is his ability to run and scramble. When the play breaks down, he has the answers—or when the Bills need a “got to have it” run play, they can go to Allen. This past Sunday we saw just how dynamic of a player Allen can be with his legs.