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Additional Buffalo Rumblings staff changes

We’re continuing to grow as the best-fan based Bills Mafia site!

Rumblings United

Recently, Buffalo Rumblings made a few announcements regarding changes to staffing and site leadership. With the Buffalo Bills providing us so much great content to share with you from our angle, we’d like to announce that there are two more changes coming to the staff.

It was previously announced that Pat Moran would be taking over for Bruce Nolan as the vidcast editor as Bruce takes on a more prominent writing role. As responsibilities change, so do availabilities. With that said, we’re happy to announce that J Spence the King will be instead helming the vidcast side of Buffalo Rumblings. We truly appreciate Pat’s willingness to be a part of what we’re building on the vidcast front, and we continue to support and wish him the best in his own endeavors.

In addition, long-time writing contributor Anthony Marino will be stepping back from his writing role due to the addition of new writers. Anthony will continue helping us grow the podcast network that has seen over 3.3 million downloads so far in 2022! Anthony has been a well-respected contributor with Buffalo Rumblings for years and we appreciate everything he has done for the blog.

Please join us in congratulating everyone as they take on new roles. We’re excited for all the site’s recent moves—moves all made in an effort to continuing bringing Bills Mafia the best Buffalo Bills fan-based coverage on the planet!

You can check out our masthead for ways to contact everyone.