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Bills vs. Ravens All-22 analysis: Skarey Movies presents “The Drive Enders”

A partial explanation on how the Bills blanked Baltimore in the second half

NFL: OCT 02 Bills at Ravens Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The name “Skarey Movies” is already feeling like it’s been part of me for ages, and it’s only the second time I’ve been able to use it with this series. I’m quickly settling in and hopefully making weekly improvements. Yes, I know you can still hear the occasional clicking as I progress through the video. But on the plus side, I think you can hear me this week, too.

The Buffalo Bills tried to make it two weeks of actual scary footage in a row, getting blown out of the water by the Baltimore Ravens in the first half. They made some corrections during the break and the rest is history. As part of the defensive lovefest this week, I take a look at the end of every second-half drive by the Ravens.

We start our journey through the game’s second stanza with an interesting penalty, because of course I went there. “The Drive Enders” moves on to explore freely rushing linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, which is usually a bad thing for the opposition. Then a bit of a lucky break is followed up by strong performances from all sides of the Bills to make sure the comeback is complete.

There’s also a whole lot more math at the end than most content creators dare to bring you. That’s right, only Skarekrow dares to live the dream of combining athletics and “mathletics!” So, get your popcorn ready!