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Pat McAfee made Jordan Poyer a $1 million proposition

Can Poyer secure a million dollars for his foundation?

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer, or “All-Pro Po” as fans lovingly call him, was just named AFC Defensive Player of the Week. He had two crucial interceptions against the Baltimore Ravens that helped secure the victory for the Bills.

On Tuesday, he joined The Pat McAfee Show, where the former punter made Poyer a deal he couldn’t refuse:

“If you get 13 picks, we’ll donate a million dollars to your foundation. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 13,” McAfee told Poyer.

Covering his mouth in disbelief and getting up out of his chair in excitement, Poyer responded, “Alright, you heard it. You challenged me now. I take challenges personally.”

Through four games, Poyer has accumulated four total interceptions and, as McAfee stated in the beginning of the clip, he’s on track to rack up a whopping 17 this season.

His charity, The Jordan Poyer Foundation, which you can read more about by clicking here, helps the community in a variety of ways. Whether he’s spending time with the kids at Oishei Children’s Hospital or spreading awareness for people struggling with substance abuse, Poyer truly enjoys giving back.

We’ll certainly be rooting for 21 to get 13!