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One Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills red zone turnover trend continues

The Bills sure are charitable with the football this season, particularly when they’re on the verge of scoring points

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

For the second straight week, the Buffalo Bills lost after holding a two-possession lead. In losing to the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, the Bills played an instrumental role in allowing the opposition to make a comeback. In committing costly turnovers in the red zone of both games while attempting to extend their lead and put the game out of reach, Buffalo gave new life to a wounded opponent.

This has clearly cost Buffalo in the last two games, but it’s a situation that’s actually been happening longer than just these last two weeks. The Bills have committed red zone turnovers in five consecutive games dating back to their matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The backbreaking gaffes in that timeframe are:

  1. Week 5 vs. PIT: Quintin Morris’ fumble into the end zone
  2. Week 6 at KC: Botched snap recovered by the Chiefs at the 11-yard line
  3. Week 8 vs. GB: Josh Allen’s interception at the three-yard line
  4. Week 9 at NYJ: Allen’s interception at the nine-yard line
  5. Week 10 vs. MIN: Allen’s interception in the end zone during OT

With the amount of turnovers Buffalo has committed this season, they currently lead the league in turnover percentage on plays starting in the red zone. They have seen 3.7% of their red zone plays end in turnovers, which is just ahead of the Denver Broncos (3.6%) and New York Jets (3.4%). Last season the Bills, were 26th (or sixth-best) in the league in this metric. In fact, they only had two red zone turnovers throughout the whole season—both regular season and postseason. Resolving this growing trend is consequential to the Bills’ quest for success and postseason glory.