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Skarey Movies presents: Stefon Diggs Should Have Been the Star

Buffalo lost, but Diggs was still fantastic

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

For the second week in a row, Bills Mafia is repeatedly hearing the phrase “disappointing loss.” Finger pointing is reaching critical mass as fans with high expectations continue watching a team failing to live up to them. I’m not done with my analysis after this segment, so we’re not clear of my personal nitpicking, but for now I want to take things in a different direction.

There are roughly a hundred “what ifs” that realistically could have turned this game into a victory for the Buffalo Bills over the Minnesota Vikings. If that had occurred, the performance of wide receiver Stefon Diggs would have been the talk of the town. Let’s lighten things up a bit and cover a couple of great plays by Diggs.

For this week’s Skarey Movies, we focus on just two plays. I still manage to drag it out for eight minutes by covering more than one angle for each play. The circus catch everyone is expecting to see is included, of course.

In order to convince you to watch the video, I won’t tell you what other play is reviewed, but as a hint: it’s one that won’t appear on any stat sheet. Both plays show off Diggs’ superhuman body control, going beyond the leap for the grab. Hopefully the next Diggs leap, will be the leap home (to a victory).