Predict the Score! Week 11; Browns v Bills

Hi. Another awesome, unpredictable game played that the Bills find themselves quixotically losing. I'm feeling a bit like one of Tom Brady's footballs, slightly deflated. This could've been a most magical season, but fear not, it still can be! The Bills have to lick their wounds and right the ship and work on eliminating the brain fog that's been a plague this season. Yes, the defense needs to get right, especially against the run, the offense needs to get right, especially Josh's headspace. And the coaches need to do better all across the board. Fatso McGraw came out on top this week (yay, I guess) and was pretty close in predicting: Bills up 28-10 in the 4th but blow the lead. Let's hope that they guess something more positive for the Bills this week. The wall is yours, enjoy seeing a phat tat, Fatso!

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Browns v Bills: The Bills host the Browns in what is promising to be a cold, snowy game. The Bills run D will need to step up and the teams look to minimize the effects of the chilly, damp, day. Will the Bills be able to "get right" or will their slide continue? Surprisingly, the Bills are still a favorite by more then a TD (8.5 points) and also surprisingly the O/U is at 43.5 points, despite the bad weather predicted for this game. One has to wonder, At 6-3, is the season already at a breaking point?

Prediction: Bills 6, Browns 3 The worst game I remember seeing was played between these two teams, in the snow (it probably wasn't snowing but it definitely is in my memory) in Buffalo. If you haven't gotten the bad taste of that game out of your mouth, well you should probably brush more often. I'm predicting just three kicks made, 2 missed, no TDs and a combined 5 turnovers in the slop. Buffalo makes the least amount of mistakes and get back into the W column. Play of the game sees the Browns fumbling a punt and recovered by Buffalo, who get the ball around the 20 yard line. Bass will be just a little more loose then his competitor and the Bills pull off an ugly win.

Hype Poster: Will the Bills and Josh Allen be able to play loose (in a good way) to help save the quaint, recently joyless town of Buffalo by getting the win or will they continue to shoot themselves in the foot? You can fly if you'd only cut loose, Buffalo.



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It's been a great half-year at PtS. So far, no repeat winners and very few correct guesses. Seriously, anybody has a chance this year. Good luck to all and happy prognosticating!

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