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Reliving the Buffalo Bills’ most famous snow games

The Bills avoided another snow game this week, but a trip down memory lane yields some fond (and not-so-fond) memories of snow games past

Everyone loves watching a football game being played through some snow. It makes for great TV and great memories, but sometimes not the greatest football. We won’t be getting a new snow globe game this Sunday, with the Buffalo Bills versus Cleveland Browns game being relocated to Detroit’s Ford Field, but I wanted to look back at the history of snowy games the Bills have played in.

Bills vs. Dolphins, 1/12/1991: 1990 AFC Divisional Playoff Game

Meeting for the first time ever in the playoffs, the Bills and Miami Dolphins kicked off the 1990 divisional game with no snow falling. It seemed like your average NFL game. As the game continued, however, the snow persisted, and coated the field and sidelines. The majority of this list has low-scoring games, but this game was a shootout. Jim Kelly threw three touchdown passes and the Bills took down the Dolphins, 44-34. Take a look at the difference in Andre Reed’s first touchdown compared to his second touchdown, and that will tell you all you need to know about the weather.

Bills vs. Colts, 1/3/2010: 2009 Week 17

Mother Nature must like to ruffle some feathers in Buffalo when the Indianapolis Colts come to town. This 2009 season matchup was the meaningless finale between two teams heading in completely opposite directions. Peyton Manning’s Colts were 14-1 coming into the game with the AFC’s first seed clinched, while Buffalo sat at 5-10, eliminated from the playoffs. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had three touchdown passes (including the highlight below to Terrell Owens), running back Fred Jackson had over 200 yards rushing, and the Bills won 30-7.

Bills vs. Browns, 12/16/2007: 2007 Week 15

Another Lake Erie city hosted this game, and they sure felt the wrath of the lake this day. Cleveland was host to the Bills, and Lake Erie knew the assignment, as the lake-effect snow pelted the stadium for a playoff-like game between the two AFC teams. Buffalo was 7-6 and still clinging to playoff hopes. The Browns were 8-5 looking to clinch a playoff spot. Two field goals and a safety were all the scoring plays from this one, as the Browns took an 8-0 win.

Steelers vs. Bills, 12/11/2016: 2016 Week 14

Rex Ryan and the 2016 Bills left many fans wanting more. This game was one of those games that left fans wondering what Ryan was supposed to be good at. His defense was carved up, with Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell out-gaining the Bills by himself, totaling 298 all-purpose yards on the day. Buffalo’s loss continued to drag their postseason aspirations down the gutter.

Bills vs. Colts, 12/10/2017: 2017 Week 14

The Colts show up again on this list, as this is one of the most famous weather event football games ever played. I was at this game working at the stadium, and it was one of the most profound things I had ever seen. It was totally clear and dry when I got to the stadium around 9:30 a.m. that Sunday morning. By the time warmups had started, it was total mayhem. The fact Buffalo was able to win this game, down to starting third-string quarterback Joe Webb, LeSean McCoy scoring an iconic touchdown in overtime, Tre’Davious White dancing through the snow, and the win keeping their playoff hopes alive—this was one of my all-time favorite Buffalo Bills moments.