The Weather

This will be the second game the Bills are impacted by the weather at a disadvantage. The Miami game was too hot and dangerous. This game has too much snow and is...hard to get to?

There is hypocrisy and inconsistency when it comes to the weather with this generation of the NFL. If the Browns could not make it to Orchard Park, they should forfeit. If the fans think it's too cold, they should not go to the game. There is supposed to be home field advantage and the Bills are forced to give it up. Shouldn't the Miami game have been moved to New Orleans or Georgia because of the dangerous heat? So many players went down in that extreme weather game.

What if this blizzard like weather is consistent with the rest of the winter? Do they lose all of their home games? This could very well be the "Snow Season," where the Bills play home at Detroit more than they play in Buffalo. What if it was a home game during the playoffs? How is any of this ok?

As a Bills fan, I am looking at the signs. I see the convergence of the universe hexing this team. What if I do wear tin foil on my head during the football games? Or wear certain clothes that contribute to the victory. (Each loss was me trying a different routine to test the winning chemistry and now I am struggling to rediscover the 6 game winning formula). This is me grinding out every gut wrenching second of these football games. Shouldn't this team always play at home no matter the weather? Who agreed to this with nary any resistance? (It feels like a Russ Brandon move. Who let him decide?)

go bills

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