Things I love and hate

Love - the depth and resilience of this team...all things considered, most teams would not have won yesterday...let alone won handily (final score more deceiving than indicative)

Hate - KC being a game ahead of us...and seem to be the favored child of the NFL and its refs (as some Rumblers have pointed out).

Love - getting the run game going - not the least of which was seeing some real heat from Cook, plus continued good running from Motor. Obviously everyone knows Sunday was most rushing yards on the season so far for us...and very few from JA. Actually an increase of 42% vs. the previous most non-JA runs in any game (vs. GB). CLE may stink vs. run, and their D may stink overall, but still!

Hate - the injuries. Thankfully / hopefully they're mostly minor (ex Micah, of course), short lived, and gone by mid-December.

Love - that the team, and JA in particular, has had struggles this year. I believe this team does have "Growth Mindset", and walks the walk (not just lip service to a nice sounding slogan). We'll see if these struggles lead to growth and better days ahead.

Hate - our pass coverage. Obviously the injuries (all Pros White and Hyde + Pro Bowler Edmunds + 1st rounder Elam out) have a lot to do with it, but still. It's one thing to get torched by Justin's quite another to get torched by Jacoby Brisset and CLEs cast of characters. McFrazier have some work to do ..and, hopefully, we'll see the return of at least one of the injured players each week, and be fully healthy (ex Micah, obviously) by Dolphins

Love - that the "experts" have mostly jumped off the bandwagon and onto Philly and Hurts for a minute and now KC and Mahomes...and maybe Dallas...and inevitably Tom Brady if they stack a few more wins. For better and worse, I believe this team plays better with chip on its shoulder than with spotlight of front-runner.

Hate - fans who are questioning, and even asserting, that Tre does not want to play. I know this is a minority view, but still. I think the guy has earned the benefit of the doubt, and I want him playing great and healthy in January (and hopefully February)...not to mention next year. December would be a plus. November, while it would be nice, is not nearly as important.

Love - the awesomeness of this community. Rumblers and Bills fans more broadly. This past week showed the world what we're all about. Brings tears to my eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving and LGB!

1 more love while we're at it - that the Bills are on Thanksgiving again! My family is fully on the bandwagon and will be geared up - fun times!

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