An early look at a young star in the draft.

Recently, a player has received a lot of critical reviews lately: Gabe Davis. Having a incredibly disappointing year, many are questioning if Gabe should continue as the #2 receiver. Personally, I'm conflicted, but there is an amazing young prospect out of Boston College (home of The Cookie) that is worth looking at as a possible replacement.. A few vitals:

Name: Zay Flowers

Height: 5'10

Weight: 172 pounds (78 kilos)

Now, I know what you're thinking: "ANOTHER undersized receiver?" Yes, but he has something the Bills still lack at receiver: elite speed. Yes, we have Shakir, but until McKenzie is off the roster, he'll get minimum touches. Also, he'd be a slot/gadget receiver, while Zay would just be a "normal" receiver. (Not sure what you would call it, I'd appreciate it if somebody would tell me below.) He isn't just a speedy player, though. Shifty, with hands that don't seem to be made of stone like Gabe's this season. See for yourself:

Vs. Louisville 2022

Highlights from first 9 weeks of season (Feel free to watch the whole thing, but the main plays I wanted to show from this were the first one and the one at 4:25.)

He feels like exactly what the Bills need, and his value isn't at a first round pick, for the fact that: 1. He's undersized 2. He plays for a team that is 3-8 at the moment. He's about a late/mid second rounder. We may have to trade up to get him, but after either a lineman or a safety, this would be a justifiable pick. Obviously, being a fan of BC university, I'm biased, so what are your thoughts on Flowers, and do we even need another WR? Comment your opinion below.

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