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Ed Oliver’s turkey-leg day key to Bills’ defeat of Lions

A Skarey Movies look at Ed Oliver’s delicious day

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

While Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Tyler Bass deserved accolades—and turkey legs—for putting together the game-winning drive in the Buffalo Bills’ 28-25 win over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, I and many others felt there was a notable absence. While that trio put in some work, defensive tackle Ed Oliver had been a wrecking ball all game. It’s unlikely that the Bills pull out a Turkey Day victory without the steady hand of Oliver. This week’s Skarey Movies takes a peek at a handful of impactful Oliver reps.

This week’s video is a bit lean on time, but big on defensive dominance. During the second quarter, Oliver forced a fumble and recovered it. I break down how he made that happen. A bit of luck and a lot of talent and effort were the winning formula there.

Of course, we conclude with the sack and safety, but that play alone doesn’t really quite cut it to prove that Oliver deserved a turkey leg. Oliver was a driving force in the two plays leading up to the safety. If either of those plays goes differently, we probably don’t see those two points.