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Skarey Movies presents: A Tale of Two Allens

A dive into QB1’s performance against Green Bay. Also, his other performance against Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Hey everyone! Did you think I forgot the Kansas City Chiefs game? Or the bye week? I forgot nothing! The NFL, on the other hand, forgot that I had an account to the game replays for a week and a half, which made things difficult for yours truly.

I’m back for now, and while I have access, let’s take advantage of it. This week’s topic is “A Tale of Two Allens”—specifically, Josh Allen’s first half performance versus his second-half dropoff in last weekend’s Buffalo Bills win over the Green Bay Packers. Spoiler: Only half of the movie is scary.

For our comparison, this week’s video takes a look at four Allen passes: two from the first half, and two from the second half. The deep dive goes into available pocket, body mechanics, a Pythagorean Theorem reference (of course), and more. Did I sprinkle in some statistics? You know I did.

With an end goal to contrast the difference between Allen’s performance before and after the halftime break, we can pinpoint some clear differences. Am I nitpicking, or is there a greater point to all this? Find out in about eight minutes of your time.