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Buffalo Bills 14, New York Jets 10: Second half open thread

The Jets have hung in close so far.

The Buffalo Bills have a four point lead over the New York Jets at halftime, leading the home team 14-10. The Jets, hoping to prove that their 5-3 record is no illusion, have hung in tough against the Bills, playing effective situational football. The Bills are still leading, but not in their typical dominating fashion.

This game started out with some pizazz, when the Jets kicker tripped on the opening kickoff. The Bills recovered the short kick at midfield, and Josh Allen soon found Stefon Diggs for a 42 yard gain. Near the end zone, however, Allen tossed up a head-scratching throw right into the hands of a Jets defender, ending Buffalo’s early momentum.

Since then, the Bills haven’t had the easiest sledding against New York’s impressive defense, with a punt and an interception on two of their first four drives. Allen’s been sacked and fumbled the ball (which he recovered). A late-half drive advanced far enough to attempt a 55 yard field goal, but Tyler Bass’s attempt veered wide right. But their offense can’t be held back forever. They already scored two touchdowns and picked up 250 yards before halftime. They have room to run up the score in the second half.

Defensively, the Bills held the Jets in check for most of the first half, with two punts and a field goal on their first three drives. But the Jets found room to run toward the end of the half, with a 13 play, 75 yard drive that ended in a no-doubter touchdown run.

The Jets, who won the coin toss, will be receiving the opening kickoff of the second half. The outcome of this game is by no means set, but if the Bills keep up their pace, they’ll take this one. Here’s your thread for the rest of the game - Go Bills!