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Jordan Poyer tells ‘NFL Total Access’ his best Bills Mafia story

Of course, the story had to be PG for TV

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

Who doesn’t love a good story, especially when it comes from a Buffalo Bills player? Jordan Poyer recently joined the crew of NFL Total Access to talk about Bills Mafia with anchor Michael Yam.

“You guys have one of the loyal fanbases in the NFL. What’s your best Bills Mafia story? Please keep in mind—national televeision here—so the stories have to be at least a little PG,” said Yam.

Pausing for a moment to laugh, Poyer responded, “It was awesome to see, honestly, the amount of Bills fans and neighbors that helped all the players get out of the snow when we had the snowstorm.”

Poyer also said that it was the first time he was ever stuck in the snow, and he hated it. “But I had a whole neighborhood of people come and help me get to my truck, shovel snow out of my driveway, and then I get to the facility and everybody else is talking about all the neighbors helping them get out.”

Poyer continued, “I’m sure I’ve got a lot of other crazy Bills ones but, like you said, this is national television so I gotta keep it a little PG. But Bills Mafia, they get a little rowdy out here on game day.” Yam then had a laugh with Poyer when he told the Bills safety that he used to earn money as a kid shoveling snow for his neighbors, but the players get the help of Bills Mafia for free.

You can watch the entire clip below.