What Did The Bills Achieve in 5 Days That The Lions Haven't Been Able To Do Since 2016?

The Buffalo Bills had managed to achieve something that not many teams will have the opportunity to do, although what makes the feat even more impressive is the fact that they managed to accomplish something the franchise that actually plays at the stadium has not done in six years.

The Bills have had to play back-to-back games at Ford Field, with their game against the Cleveland Browns having been moved to the venue after the snow that fell at Orchard Park made it impossible for the game to take place at their actual home before taking on the Detroit Lions in a road game on Thanksgiving Day.

In playing both games, they were able to set a record that the Lions have not managed to achieve, which was winning back-to-back games at the venue for the first time since 2016, with the Michigan-based franchise having failed to accomplish this feat in the seasons since.

The Bills, who are genuine Super Bowl contenders in legit gambling sites in 2022, were able to defeat the Browns 31-23 in a game that featured far too many penalties, before they were able to record a 28-25 victory over the Lions in the first of the three Thanksgiving Day matches that were played, with the game-winning field goal being kicked extremely late.

The 2016 American holiday was the last time we saw this feat happen, with the Lions able to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars in their Week 11 fixture before beating the Minnesota Vikings in the Week 12 game that fell on the holiday.

Ironically, the Lions have the chance to replicate and accomplish back-to-back victories at Ford Field one final time this season, with the two teams that they did it against last. The Jaguars come to Michigan in Week 13 before the Vikings visit in Week 14. If the team is able to record wins in both of those games, then Dan Campbell’s team will go to 6-7 on the season and continue to show signs that they are improving.

Nonetheless, quarterback Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will largely be unbothered by the fact that they had managed to make history when playing at Ford Field, as they will be continuing to look ahead and trying to compete for the postseason and then the Super Bowl.

The team will go up against the New England Patriots in another game on a Thursday night, as they take to the Gillette Stadium field on December 1 against one of their AFC East rivals. Currently 8-3, the Bills will want to get a win against the 6-5 Patriots as they will want to extend their lead at the top of the division.

However, this game will surely come as a test as they are a team that does have a winning record, despite the fact that their opponents are bottom of the division that they had managed to dominate for so long during the Belichick-Brady era.

Indeed, with just six games of the regular season to go, and four of them against divisional opponents, the Bills will be looking to keep their streaks of winning going, regardless of where they are playing.

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