Just Take It!!!!

Very first post. Been a lurker too long....

It is all there for our guys. We didn't get to 8-3 by mistake. This injury stuff sucks but man are they battling Bill's Mafia! Missing your whole secondary? We will do it without the old guard...

Linebackers hurt? C'mon back Mr. Klein if you will....

Receiving Corp need a boost? Let's Freaking Go Smoke!!! So much credit to OBD (Beane) for the fact we can pull back some of the more successful players that we let go back to help make a difference hopefully. And he(Beane) is doing it in a time of need...hopefully, it all pans out for the better but I am encouraged.


This year has been a bit nuts on the expectations, injuries and situations. Our Bill's are 8-3 rolling into Foxboro. Mr. Jones seems to be showing some progression. He hits the easy throws now. He didn't last time we played.

Hoodie and his defense will show to play and hard. If KD/McD are off with coaching situations towards the end of half or the game, this game may not help the Bill's 2022 season story.

I am rooting for Leslie Frazier to show something. Hoping they stop the short pass and more importantly, crush their running attack. Please tell me their were some basic tackle drills/just show up and wrap up the tackles my guys.

Dear Defensive Line,

Own that line of scrimmage please! You guys got this! Open up our linebackers for getting to that run or screen. And in the words of Captain America,"Hulk.....SMASH!" Get Mr. Jones off his spot.

Dear Offensive Line,

You aren't new together. I am a blue collar man asking you to just know you're better than that guy across from you. Don't overthink it. You know who is behind you. #JA17 and Bill's Mafia!

We see you. Go get'em. I don't believe I have seen a pancake block all year from our O. There has to have been one but name it.

Hal84: You have filled every week for over a year on this site with fun analogies. You are insightful and interactive in positive ways. Just wanted to call you out. Thank you.

Dear Josh,

How the eff am I going to tell you anything other than thank you and please don't hurt thyself. We have been waiting for you for so long! I have seen your lows and your highs I wouldn't ever trade it. I hope your elbow isn't as serious as surgery later. I would say play your heart out for us but anyone who thinks you aren't is blind.

I have no rose colored glasses. This is a rough stretch of division games. I hope our guys stay with the goal. One game. If you can't get revved up for this game...where the heck you been since 2000? Always going to want to change that hoodie vs. Bill's win/loss record but never mind that. This is just one more step up the mountain. Nothing to see here right?

My prediction is 31-24 Bill's.

Hell of a 1st post but I had to put this out there....


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