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Skarey Movies presents: The Bone-Crushers

Nearly eight minutes of video on how Ed Oliver and Matt Milano hit Mike White hard, but clean

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills defeated the New York Jets in another close contest that thankfully went the way we all hoped it would. During the course of the game, Jets quarterback Mike White left the game two times with a rib injury. That was courtesy of hard hits from Ed Oliver and Matt Milano, sending the signal-caller crumpling to the turf twice.

As NFL fans, we’ve seen pretty tame hits called as roughing the passer. These two bone-crushers weren’t flagged. While most Bills fans recognized the hits were clean, both still caused quite the stir. Beyond the flag or no-flag question, we just aren’t used to seeing these kinds of hits on quarterbacks anymore. This week’s Skarey Movies dives into both hits.

With apologies to White, who hopefully won’t be seeing this after living through it, we start with the second-quarter hit by Oliver. From there, we discuss some of the minutiae of the rules to understand why hits like these are pretty rare these days. We wrap up the video with the Milano hit, with the rules fresh on our mind to reaffirm that the tackling form was textbook.