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Dolphins lineman Christian Wilkins is a matchup problem

And that’s even before considering what he does after the whistle

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are hosting the Miami Dolphins this weekend and will look to avenge an early season loss to their division foe. Last time the weather played a part in the outcome of the game. Current predictions indicate the weather will be a factor this time, as well.

It’s hard to do All-22 on the weather, though, so here’s a look at Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins, instead. Aside from pissing off Josh Allen by getting a little handsy, Wilkins is a key cog in Miami’s defense. If the weather plays out as anticipated, the men in the middle will be repeatedly tested.

Wilkins collapses the pocket one-on-one

Wilkins is up against center Corey Linsley, who was an All-Pro two years ago and in the Pro Bowl last season. Wilkins gets a lot of push, showing off some good potential. Wilkins gets an early victory with his shoulder placement. Once he can leverage there, Linsley is pushed back, and the shove is on.

Wilkins anchors against the double-team

Wilkins drew a fair share of double teams in the reviewed film, and overall held his ground well. I like the dip of his shoulder to cut through on this play, and the hustle getting back into the mix for the tackle was not an anomaly.

Wilkins sorts through misdirection, finds the ball

Here’s Wilkins as a defensive end, which he played the first three years of his career. There are a lot of moving parts, and Wilkins stays locked on the ball. He does seem to have a knack for that. The tackle could have gone better, but it’s not like I wanted to only give the guy a highlight.

Wilkins shows awareness against quick pass release

Here he is against Ryan Bates — who will miss tomorrow night’s game with an ankle injury — and is successful with his push. Allen unloads the ball fairly quickly, and Wilkins is with it enough to try to knock the ball down.

Wilkins with an easy pressure on Spencer Brown

Wilkins uses a rip move and quickly gets by right tackle Spencer Brown. Incidentally, the fact that he uses the rip is probably a major factor in why Brown isn’t called for holding. Brown’s efforts don’t hold back Wilkins, and it’s nearly a sack.

In summary

There’s nothing on film to suggest that Wilkins will single-handedly take over a game. That doesn’t mean he won’t be a factor, though. Wilkins brings incredible diversity, lining up everywhere from nose tackle to nine-tech. He’s strong enough to be effective in the former, and fast enough for the latter. His technique is solid all around, as well.

Which Bill will end up being tested by Wilkins? That’s the threat. It could be anyone on the line.