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Bills-Dolphins game to be played in lake effect snow warning

A foot of accumulation is expected, though the bulk of it will occur before kickoff, if forecasts hold true

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve heard the warnings all week, and as of Friday morning, those have become official: the Buffalo Bills’ Saturday night matchup against the Miami Dolphins will take place during a literal lake effect snow warning, with roughly a foot of accumulation expected on Saturday and early into Sunday, according to multiple local meteorologists.

While the snow will undoubtedly be present on the field during the game, if these forecasts hold true, this might not be the type of accumulation that will severely impact on-field conditions and overall game plans. The report from WKBW’s Katie Morse, in particular, notes that the bulk of the accumulation will come before kickoff — and while it might be a chore for Buffalo’s grounds crew to keep the playing surface clear, the seasoned members of that crew have likely dealt with worse.

The news is probably more pertinent to fans traveling to and from the stadium. Drive safely, everyone, and make sure you have a shovel handy.