Possible OBJ Move by OBD


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Per Tom Pelissero

Contract tweaks in advance of tonight’s game: The #Bills did a simple restructure on CB Tre’Davious White’s contract, converting $2,971,667 into a bonus to clear $2,287,575 in cap space. The #Patriots did the same with Matthew Judon, clearing $2,214,445 in cap space.

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I don't know how to embed tweets. Technology is hard. Stopping Diggs, OBJ, McKenzie, Davis, Hines, Cook, Motor, Knox, your mom, Hines, and JA17 is arguably harder. I know some of you "fans" will note you can't have all of those players on the field at the same time and I would agree if I were a hater like you. Hate limits you. Irrational lineups free you from limitations.

Seriously though, with Davis struggling right now and the offense lacking a Cole like chain mover I really want to see what OBJ has to offer. I'm not sure why you would clear $2.3MM in cap space now if you aren't trying to make an offer to OBJ.

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