NFL needs to formalize rules for targeting

I have said many times the NFL needs to have formal rules for targeting. I 100% believe the NCAA for all their faults have gotten it right.

The goal and objective should be to protect players from unnecessary head injuries. When a defender leads with the crown their helmet or launches themselves into a player in the head and neck region that is reckless football and there should be a flag and the player should be ejected.

Now this takes me to last night. The Damar Hamlin hit on Meyers you can see it on you tube and I am sure many other areas.

Two of the items that are lacking in the NFL policy is that number 1 there is no policy and it's 100% subjective to the officials. Number 2 there is no review of the play.

If this was a college game, the officials would rightfully drop the flag and call targeting. However after the the penalty just like a turn over the play would be reviewed.

When you watch the play Hamlin didn't lead with the crown of his helmet, he lead with his shoulder. Also Hamlin didn't launch himself to make contact. His feet stayed on the ground the whole time which means ever hit was normal football and not reckless football.

In a sane world the flag would be picked up, Hamlin would remain in the game and the New England fans would lose their damn minds because something didn't go there way.

This whole sequence showed both sides of why the targeting rule was put in place as well as the reason to review the play closely.

In the end the goal of the targeting rule is to stop defenders from using unsafe practices, not to stop aggressive football.

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