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Skarey Movies Presents: Taron Johnson Saves the Day

The little corner with the big plays

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills’ revenge tour of the AFC East continued as they took down the Miami Dolphins this past weekend. It wasn’t always pretty, but the win secured the Bills a spot in the playoffs while exacting revenge on the Dolphins.

One key contributor to the win was the diminutive slot corner, Taron Johnson. In a three-point game, any play that takes points off the board or kills a drive for the opponent is a big one. Johnson made these impact plays look routine, making him one player who stood out during the win. This week’s Skarey Movies examines three of those impact plays.

If you can spare seven minutes of time, let me regale you with tales of horse collar tackles where players are forced to decide between conceding ground or conceding points. From there, we dive into more “traditional” stops, such as a pass deflection or a tackle for a loss.

Check out the video and see why Taron Johnson puts the “nickel” in “nickel defense.”