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Skarey Movies presents: Buffalo Bills’ turnovers vs. Chicago Bears

We also take a look at angles and do some math

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills journeyed to Illinois to take on the Chicago Bears in yet another “weather game.” The Bills, who had started off on a turnover hot streak, lost the turnover battle after giving the ball away three times. It didn’t do much to change the outcome, as it turned out, but things may be about to change.

The Cincinnati Bengals and impending playoffs are likely to leave less margin for error. The turnovers looked brutal live, but what does the All-22 film reveal? Will they look better or worse? Skarey Movies investigates!

This week, we cover all three turnovers the Bills fell prey to: two interceptions from quarterback Josh Allen, and a lost fumble from wide receiver Gabe Davis. Each play gets two angles of “fun” as we dissect what happened. But wait! There’s more!

This episode also features a subplot, as we examine how different angles can impact how we see the play. This expands into other possible outcomes for the turnover plays, as we overanalyze the trio to make sense of it all.