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Buffalo Bills’ defense embarrasses New England Patriots

A five-minute video analyzing the Bills’ defensive dominance of New England in Week 13

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Photo by Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills took down the New England Patriots, 24-10, in a Thursday Night Football game that was more lopsided than the score indicated.

As a reminder, Buffalo won by two touchdowns. While a few offensive miscues led to the impression it should have been officially “out of hand,” the game was never close thanks to a suffocating defense. The return of several prominent starters keyed a performance that delighted Bills fans — namely, by embarrassing the Patriots.

This week, spend five minutes and change with yours truly as we take some time to laugh and gloat appreciate the fine work of several young gentlemen on a professional football team.

We start off analyzing the near-safety that was Mac Jones’ intentional grounding penalty. I toss a few stats in to drive home the dominance of the Bills’ defense. Then we get right back to analyzing plays, highlighting a few drive enders. Last, but certainly not least, I discuss the kneel-downs, and why they represent a white flag from Bill Belichick. Which is awesome.