Chiefs fan here - Congrats Bills but you have a tough schedule to get to the Eagles.

So the Chiefs have proved they don't have what it takes to beat the Bills or Bengals. My sense is that the rest of the NFL has caught up with the 2019 Chiefs and can win if they have the right tools. (Allen, Burrow, Hurts, Jackson, etc)

Bills looking at some good teams yet this year - Dolphins, Jets and Bengals that can surprise on any day. Parity is ubiquitous across the top teams, one mistake (Kelce strip) can make the difference in the W/L column.

Additionally, Bengals without Mixon and Hurst made yesterday's game much closer than 3 points, not to mention the dropped pass by Boyd 83 that left 4 points on the field.

I don't see the Chiefs making any miracles this year in the playoffs, even with home field advantage (gone for now) both the Bills and Bengals have made the case 'Arrowhead don't matter'. As well, the wins the Chiefs have had against 'lesser' teams were mainly squeaking by.

The Bills/Bengals game Jan 2nd will likely be a preview of the AFC championship game and will be a blast to watch both times but be careful what you wish for. From the games I've watched this year no team seems as consistent and dominating as the Eagles.

Chiefs Titans 20 - 17

Eagles Titans 35 -10

Sometimes a win isn't just a win. It's a statement.

How are Bills fans feeling about matching up to the Eagles in the SuperBowl?

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