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Tre’Davious White continues ramp-up in solid performance vs. Patriots

White saw an increased workload in his second game back from injury

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White laced up his cleats for the second time this season in Week 13 against the New England Patriots. He saw twice the amount of snaps compared to last week, logging 33 snaps (61%). He posted four total tackles and defended one pass. Let’s take an All-22 look into how he played in Buffalo’s 24-10 victory on Thursday Night Football.

White gives up a completion

The Bills bring a blitz on this play, leaving White one-on-one with the wide receiver. He knows he’s on an island and his help is inside, so he naturally gives cushion and backpedals slightly outside. This allows a reasonably easy completion for the Pats. White didn’t really do anything wrong on this play, he just made sure not to give up a big gain down the field. I like how he tries to punch the ball out while securing the tackle.

White helps cause intentional grounding

This play results in intentional grounding and Tre White plays a key part in it. He takes away the quarterback’s first read by being aggressive on the in-breaking route. When defensive tackle Ed Oliver and defensive end Shaq Lawson were bearing down on quarterback Mac Jones, he was looking to get rid of it quickly to his first read, but White had that covered.

Route anticipation

White shows press coverage on this play, but doesn’t try to jam the receiver. Pay attention to how he shuffles backward at the snap and lets the receiver declare his direction on the release. This allows White to funnel the wideout inside, and basically gives him only one way to go. When the video is paused, look at how White anticipates the in-break; he makes the break inside before the receiver does. This is what football intelligence and film study will produce.

Pass break-up

This was a huge play by White. He’s playing with outside leverage and gets slightly fooled when he jumps inside, thinking the receiver would be going that way. He is out of position, and has to turn his hips a complete 180 degrees to get back into the play. He transitions quickly, and fights back to push the receiver out of bounds before he can get two feet down to make the catch. The coverage wasn’t the greatest in terms of being in a good position, but seeing these types of explosive movements and change of direction by White should be encouraging for Bills fans.

Big tackle

White doesn’t do anything particularly special on this play besides giving effort and not giving up on the play. The Patriots are backed up on their own goal line, facing a 3rd & 18. White reads the run play quickly, but the play goes away from his side. He stays engaged in the play, and eventually tracks down the ball carrier to stop him one yard short of the first down. Huge play by White.

Cover 2

The Bills play Cover 2 on this play. White’s responsibility is to have outside leverage, with his eyes on the inside receiver (denoted in yellow). If that receiver goes to the flat, then that would be his responsibility. White plays this perfectly, and makes a tackle for only a four-yard gain.

In summary

Tre’Davious White’s return to play comes at a crucial time for the Bills as they get ready for their stretch run for the playoffs. The Bills have been rotating corners all season, between Xavier Rhodes, Dane Jackson, Kaiir Elam, and Christian Benford; it would be nice if they could settle into more defined roles. White saw his workload increase in Week 13, and he looks like he’s starting to round into form. So far this season, White has defended 26 routes and given up three receptions for 21 yards. Do you think he’s ready to be back full-time and play 100% of the snaps?