Predict the Score! Week 14, Jets v Bills

Wow, Thursday is tomorrow already, and this post isn't up yet. Whew, the Bills actually play on Sunday this week. I had a bit of anxiety for a second. This season's been a good one so far and 14 weeks in, the Bills are in control of their own destiny for having a first week bye during the Playoffs. They did that by taking care of business against the Patriots (and having several chips fall into place). MightyOak2020 was a field goal away from perfection with his guess of 27-10. Congratulations to a solid Rumblings contributor (He was on the JA17 train before Josh was even drafted or MightyOak2020 changed his handle). Your name on the wall proves your prowess---not like that was needed. Kudos. Do Kudos chocolate-smothered granola bars still exist? That's still what I think of everytime I use or hear that word.

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Week 14, Jets V Bills: The Jersey Jets look to take 2 in a row from Buffalo this season as they enter the State of NY for the first time this year. I was blocked by a random female on Twitter one day for joking that New Jersey was considered nothing more than a boring drive-through state for residents from New York after she was making a similar joke about Delaware. She could dish, but not receive, unlike the loyal commentators in here. But I digress, the Bills are a 9-point favorite with an O/U sitting at 43 points.

Bills 44, Jets 9: I'm giving the Jets defense some credit here, they force a Safety after a poorly designed play on the Buffalo 2 yard line. Heck, they might even get the TD i'm giving the Jets. Josh Allen looked like his arm wasn't bothering him at all last week, much to the dismay of the Jersey Boys. He'll hang 44 yard on the opposing team by the start of the 4th quarter and then get some rest for the final 10+ minutes of the game. The Jets see their playoff chances getting slimmer by the week.

Hype Poster: I admit it, I worked way to hard on this poster for it to look just ok. But I'm fine with that. I've alluded to it in the past and some Rumblers have as well but this is the season of Revenge for the Bills, whether it's real slights or imaginary the Bills have had strong Bulletin Board material all year. Let's break it down.

  • Week 1 Rams: Bills believe they should have won the Superbowl.
  • Week 2 Titans: A consistent thorn in their side and the team that took the #1 overall seed in the AFC last year.
  • Week 3 Dolphins: No real motivation for revenge here, so they lost to create a reason for revenge in Week 15
  • Week 4 Ravens: A 2018 QB that was drafted already won an MVP, and no it wasn't Josh Allen.
  • Week 5 Steelers: A slip-up against this team last year was the difference between hosting the Chiefs at home.
  • Week 6 Chiefs: 13 seconds weighs deeply on the coaching staff and players alike.
  • Week 8 Packers: Aaron Rodgers won the MVP 2 years ago. The Runner-Up? Josh Allen. And the golfing thing.
  • Week 9 Jets: See Dolphins above.
  • Week 10 Vikings: Diggs wants revenge against his old team
  • Week 11 Browns: Well they did pick Baker before JA17, so they will always be on his s- list.
  • Week 12 Lions: No real revenge here, but Bills believe (rightfully so) that they should host every Thanksgiving, not the kitty-cats.
  • Week 13 Patriots: It's the Pats. They've dominated the Bills for like nearly 20 years. Nobody forgets that.
  • Week 14: Ok, you get the idea. The loss to the Dolphins and Jets will motivate the Bills to seek revenge on them. They thrive on that juice.The Bills believe that they are the best in the NFL for two years now and will stop at nothing to get their revenge, leading us to this weeks poster...I was considering a Revenge of the Sith poster, but didn't want people to think that we're the baddies (that's the Pats). Two enthusiastic Bills fans love our coaches, as Milano, Epenesa and Brown all have standout games.
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Well, that's all I got rattling around in my brain, good luck to all the guessers out there and happy prognosticating!

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