I realize Thanksgiving is a special time to watch football... but maybe the NFL should allow teams to get a full week or more rest before playing on this day. Forcing teams to play on short rest is just not beneficial to the players yet the NFL does rake in more $$. Over the past two years, the Bills have played on Thanksgiving and given 4 days rest between games. The results have been positive in the win column yet it might be a reason why the super bowl favorites could face an uphill battle for the 2nd year in the row.

On Thanksgiving day 2021, the Bills beat the New Orleans Saints but we lost our All-Pro shutdown corner Tre White to an ACL injury... He just made it back 1 year later after rehab... He was out for the playoffs and boy did we need him for at least the last 13 seconds in the Divisional playoffs...

On Thanksgiving day 2022, the Bills beat the Detroit Lions but we lost our All-Pro defensive terminator Von Miller to an ACL injury... He will make it back better than ever in 2023 but now he turns into Coach Miller for the playoffs.

Maybe the NFL should put rest and recovery and player safety above their prime-time agenda. The Bills should not be playing 3 games in 12 days unless their intent is to take down the best team in the NFL. Just sayin...

The players and coaches of the Buffalo Bills and their amazing Mafia fanbase will rise above it all, despite what the NFL has in store for them... They are the most generous and beloved franchise... and with a gracious owner(s), a strategic genius and a wrestler at the helm, this success is here to stay.

Be well Von... Rousseau is on the Rise and Ready

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