Leslie Frazier - Football Icon

I know Von Miller's injury news has taken center stage this week (justifiably so), but I am at a loss for how Leslie Frazier's induction into the Black College Football Hall of Fame has gone unacknowledged on this site.

He is truly a football OG at this point of his career. Highly successful college player who went undrafted and became an integral part of a Super Bowl champion team on one of the best defenses ever assembled.

Started coaching in the NAIA in 1988, building a program at Trinity College in Illinois from it's beginnings to multiple state conference championships before moving on to the NCAA and the Fighting Illini.

Then he moved onto the NFL where his units were always top-notch in Philly, Cincy, and Indy (with another SB championship). A main factor in all his stops was the improvement and dominance of the defensive backfields.

He then got a chance in Minnesota with a bad team and wasn't able to turn it around, but still persevered through stops in Tampa and Baltimore before coming to Buffalo in 2017.

Here, without any hyperbolic intent, he has been an integral part of one of the largest franchise turnarounds in any pro sport. There is no denying the success the Bills have had defensively as a whole, and specifically in the defensive backfield. Yes there have been bumps in the road, but wants to stick to the highways anyway. With every bump he's hit, he perseveres with the same calm, pedagogical demeanor... And the Bills are now the #1 spot in the conference.

I am seeing he is being considered for the Colts job right now, and I hope he gets another shot to lead a franchise. He truly deserves it.

Well done, Leslie and congratulations on a life well lived thus far... Great humans deserve to be recognized and your HOF induction is just another notch in your football belt.

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