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Salary cap ramifications of releasing WR Cole Beasley

It’s an enticing number

The Buffalo Bills moved on from wide receiver John Brown a year ago when he had lost a step. They didn’t feel they weren’t good enough at the position, just that Brown wasn’t part of the plan. Could they make the same decision with another veteran wide receiver in 2022?Cole Beasley’s numbers were way down across the board in 2021 and he’ll be 33 before training camp opens.

In this article, we’re not talking about performance, just the numbers. Beasley is due a $500,000 roster bonus when the league year opens, so you’d think they would want to make the decision before they pay that sum.

If they do, they could rid themselves of more than $6 million in cash (salary and bonuses) and salary cap for the 2022 season. Since 2022 is the final year of his deal, there are no big future cap hits to absorb. It’s a pretty small dead-cap hit of just $1.5 million.

If they release him, they save $6.1 million on the salary cap and in cash. In his 2021 season-ending press conference, general manager Brandon Beane went so far as to say he expects Beasley to return next season. The question could be if that makes the most sense for the team.

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