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Fun Super Bowl prop bets for first-timers


When the Super Bowl betting opened, the Los Angeles Rams were 4-point favorites. That number was bet up to 4.5 points earlier this week but it’s now back down to 4. That’s not the most interesting bet you can make at DraftKings Sportsbook, though.

I love wagering on the coin toss. Both HEADS and TAILS are -105, meaning a bet of $10 would win you $19.52 if you guessed correctly. You also get the same odds for guessing what team will win the toss.

Next on the list of interesting bets is the OCTOPUS; will a player score a touchdown and the subsequent two-point conversion? Obviously it’s an unlikely parlay-type bet, so the odds are stacked against it. It’s -2000 if you bet NO but +1200 if you bet YES.

As another unique bet, you can guess if the number of the first TD scorer is over or under 23.5.

All of these are in addition to the traditional betting lines, plus there are a bunch of team and individual player bets you can make to cover any angle that interests you.