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Buffalo Bills announce season ticket price increase for 2022

The Bills need some more money with that big contract for Josh Allen and the pending stadium.

The Buffalo Bills are increasing the price of season tickets for the 2022 season. After back-to-back deep playoff runs and a huge contract extension for Josh Allen, the Bills feel like the time is right to generate some revenue. The cost of construction on a new stadium probably also contributes to the ticket increases this year, but the seats are still among the most affordable in the league.

According to the team, some seats are going up $3 per game while others are going up as much as $20 per game. It depends on where the seats are located and how expensive they currently are. With ten home dates, that’s a $30 to $200 change in the overall ticket cost. The average change is $11.57 per game.

Buffalo’s slate of home opponents is also driving the increase, per the team. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are always a home draw as are the New England Patriots. With those teams on the rotation, price increases are on the way in the secondary market, as well.

There are still incredibly affordable options.

“Roughly 20 percent of the tickets (more than 13,000 seats) are available for $60 or less as the Bills continue to offer one of the lowest season ticket prices in the NFL at $45 per game,” said the team in their press release.

The press release also said the Bills have a wait list of about 3000 season tickets from a year ago. They will receive first dibs following the renewal period, which ends March 15. A total of 60,000 season tickets were sold last year.