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All-22 year in review: Buffalo Bills OL Daryl Williams

We’re gonna focus on his work at guard

If the Buffalo Bills love one thing more than any other team in the NFL, it HAS to be in-season offensive line tinkering. “TO HELL WITH CONVENTIONAL WISDOM!” they cry, as they rotate the line for the 12th time before the bye week. Anyway. What I’m getting at is that Daryl Williams had been entrenched at right tackle to start the season. At least we thought he was. Cody Ford fell out of favor at guard. Spencer Brown must have impressed in practice. Suddenly the offensive line carousel is spinning and now we’re doing All-22 on Daryl Williams the guard.

Play 1

What I want everyone to focus on is the overall speed on the move. The block from Daryl Williams is fine. But compare his running speed to Mitch Morse at the start of they play. Yes, their assignments are different and that could be part of it. I bring this up right out of the gate though so you keep an eye on speed as we go through the rest of the clips.

Play 2

It’s a good start, and a good finish from Williams. He gets enough contact on the first block to pass it off to Mitch Morse cleanly, and then gets enough of the second man in to make a difference.

Play 3

I think this is a pretty representative block by Daryl Williams when faced with a direct one-on-one. Overall it’s hard for me to say anything other than that he’s overall effective in protecting Josh Allen.

Play 4

This play has a lot of clutter that could trip up a lineman (figuratively and literally). Williams navigates everything that comes his way and is not the reason for the pressure on Allen.

Play 5

The Bills love having linemen pull and getting the entire play flowing one direction—or sometimes a misdirection. Often a blocker or two will stay home like Williams does. Once again he’s effective but tuck this play away in the back of your head for a minute.

Play 6

One thing that Williams brings at a high level is patience. If he engages immediately the stunt is far more likely to be effective. Because he realizes what it means that the defense didn’t come right at him, he’s prepared to make the right move and Josh Allen has time to get the pass off.

Play 7

An overarching theme of mine when discussing offensive line is that talent gaps are rarely as large as they seem. The fit with the rest of the players and the overall scheme is incredibly important. Watching these three guys pass off blocks this well speaks volumes about whether Daryl Williams fits in with Buffalo or not.


Overall I like Daryl Williams and if he’s your floor on the offensive line (or weakest link) then you should consider yourself pretty lucky. Remember that play I asked you to tuck away for later? Now’s the time. My biggest concern with Williams is his lack of speed compared to Mitch Morse and Ryan Bates. Running things like Play 5 works well as you have two speedier players that allow Williams to do what he does best and anchor. Now flip the play to the other side. Williams and Morse is not as good of a combo as Bates and Morse on the move.

I don’t consider that a fatal flaw by any means. The Bills put up points all year so nothing about Williams suggests fatal flaw. I know there’s always a cost discussion. That’s as it should be. From a pure playing perspective though, you want Williams back.

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