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Bills have moved to co-favorite to win Super Bowl LVII

Folks are betting the Bills

Last week, odds came out for the Super Bowl to be held following the 2022 NFL season in February 2023. Those odds had the Buffalo Bills second on the list of teams behind the Kansas City Chiefs. After one week of betting, the Bills’ odds have moved so far they are now the co-favorites alongside the Chiefs on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Buffalo started at 800-to-1 odds, so a bet of $10 would net you $90, but enough people have bet then over the past week the odds are down to +700, so a $10 bet would only return $80 to your pocket.

Despite their loss in the AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs have stayed put at +700, as well. The current Super Bowl teams are next, with the Los Angeles Rams (+1000) and Cincinnati Bengals (+1200) at three and four before a tie between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys (+1400).

The Baltimore Ravens (+1800), Denver Broncos (+1800), Tennessee Titans (+2200), New England Patriots (+2500), Los Angeles Chargers (+2500), and Indianapolis Colts (+2500) are AFC teams in the top half of the league. Further down the Miami Dolphins (+4000) and New York Jets (+10,000) are long shots from the AFC East.