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All-22 year in review: Center Mitch Morse

He’s pretty good

Our 2021 year in review takes us to center Mitch Morse. Morse’s roster spot should feel pretty safe barring any unexpected developments, but as the other articles on “Mitch Morse Day” will outline, there might be some other hijinks. Let’s hit the film room and check out how his 2021 season went.

Play 1

I think we probably already know how I feel about Mitch Morse based on how he’s already come up tangentially in articles this season (and my prior pieces on the man). So here’s a nice highlight of him sprinting down the field after pulling to become a lead blocker.

Play 2

While most of these will be positive plays it’s probably more balanced if I acknowledge he’s not flawless. This is one of five holding flags called on Morse this past season (three assessed). A lot of holding calls are desperation moves as the defender is winning the matchup. Like this one.

Play 3

This is a pretty typical play. Morse is capable in pass protection. This block is held for about three seconds.

Play 4

This play has a little of Play 1 and a little of Play 3. The blocks are good, and he’s moving quickly across the field to make them happen.

Play 5

Overall, the Buffalo Bills don’t have the personnel to maul the other team and as much as I enjoy watching Mitch Morse play, this description does include him. The disclaimer with that statement is that he’s alright at shoving, and will even win some. I would even say he’s one of the more consistent players on the team when it comes to this.

Play 6

One of the things that leads me to be more effusive with the Morse praise is the consistency in making good decisions. If he bites early on number 95, he’ll be unprepared for 98. He’s patient enough to wait and, as a result, the stunt is easily picked up.

Play 7

I like the quick step to get into position when he sees what happens. This play is another example of patience and decision making.

Play 8

For our final play it’s a little more of the above but with the best view of his feet and overall body mechanics. Morse has to turn his hips a bit to keep up with the defender, but note how he squares right back up to prepare for contact. All of this is fluid, looking almost effortless.


Am I saying Mitch Morse should be a perennial All-Pro? Nah. But he’s damn good. Further, he seems to fit what the Buffalo Bills have been trying to run, including matching up well with the rest of the linemen. He’s been a key cog in the offensive machinery and there’s no reason not to want that to continue for awhile longer—and there’s no reason it can’t. This will likely be mentioned elsewhere, but I’ve seen lots of fans shocked at being reminded Morse has yet to turn 30 (his birthday is April 21).