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Two premier defensive free agents reached out to Bills at Combine

The Bills are in demand.

With the NFL free agency tampering window open, deals are coming fast and furious. Before the opening of the window, Mike Girardi of NFL Network said that Buffalo had been approached by two top-level defensive free agents about a desire to play in Orchard Park. The identities of those players have been a hot topic of conversation among Bills fans, so let’s take a quick look at who they could be

One candidate could be former Arizona pass rusher Chandler Jones. Jones, who just turned 32 on February 27, had 10.5 sacks and 12 TFL last season with the Cardinals. With Arizona he has been an OLB but has experience at defensive end from his days with New England. The fit and need are there, the issue will be if the Bills can squeeze him in under the cap.

Another possibility could be standout corner J.C. Jackson from New England. Jackson is arguably the top free agent available, regardless of position and one can’t discount the desire to show Belichick and the Patriots they made a mistake by not bringing him back. The Bills have a need at boundary corner opposite of Tre’davious White. Could a 1-year deal (a la what Derrel Revis did with New England) be in the cards?

While he wasn’t a free agent when this report came out, Eddie Goldman was a surprise cut by the Bears and could fit nicely next to Ed Oliver. The Bills could potentially get Goldman on the cheap, considering that Goldman had a down year in 2022, following a COVID opt—out in 2021. As with the other players listed above, this will come down to dollars and cents. In terms of intrigue and potential impact, Goldman would be near the top of the list.

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