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2022 Free Agent All-22 Analysis: OLB Von Miller

Not sure he needs much introduction...

On Wednesday the Buffalo Bills announced the signing of free-agent OLB Von Miller. While most fans were hoping for at least one splash move by Buffalo during free agency, the team took it another direction by signing the obscure veteran who I’m sure none of you have ever even heard of. I had to search high-and-low for film so you all could get your first glimpse of the guy.

Play 1

Miller is calculating on this play, which you love to see. He sees the play the whole way, takes the best angle and bursts forward. He doesn’t make the tackle directly, but...yeah. He made the tackle.

Play 2

This looks like raw power, but there’s a lot of technique involved to get this win. The hand placement is superb, his elbow bend provides a good angle and a strong foundation—and watch how he changes his steps to maximize the force he’s applying upward.

Play 3

This is the kind of play you’d like to see going the other direction by a running back. The balance and ability to squeeze through the lane and accelerate is fun. This is another play where he doesn’t make the tackle, but impacts the play.

Play 4

What was I thinking including this play? This isn’t a highlight. This is...nothing. I’ve been saying for years that the Bills have self-limited sacks to some degree by scheming plays like this. Miller is effective here as he’s keeping himself clean enough to break free from a block and has his lower body in good position to cut off lanes in either direction if Russell Wilson decided to come his way.

Play 5

Von Miller is still pretty quick. Agile too.

Play 6

Make that very quick. He makes contact with Tom Brady on this play right around the two-second mark.

Play 7

This isn’t Gronk’s best effort by any means, which illustrates the point I’m getting at. You better have your best effort.

Play 8

I like to end on a high notes for these. I can’t think of a much higher note than a strip sack and fumble recovery against Tom Brady in a game that booted him from the playoffs. Regarding that left arm, he’s shoving his opponent away while bending around the edge to break free right when he needs to.


Von Miller is gonna look real good in Buffalo Bills red, white, and blue.