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Contract details for 2022 Buffalo Bills free agent DaQuan Jones

The DT has an odd contract structure

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

We have contract details for Buffalo Bills free-agent defensive tackle DaQuan Jones. The contract is structured in a unique way for Bills’ general Brandon Beane, and details come from Jay Skurski of The Buffalo News.

Jones gets a $5.5 million signing bonus as part of $7.25 million in money the first season. A total of $10.625 million is fully guaranteed, including $3.375 million of the second-year salary.

That’s the unique part; Beane doesn’t usually guarantee money into the second year. This makes it a higher probability that Jones will see both years of the deal. We also don’t see any of Beane’s normal bells and whistles like workout bonuses or per-game roster bonuses.

Beane’s new favorite trick is present with one void year to continue spreading out that signing bonus cap hit into a third season, one beyond the actual length of the deal.

Here are the yearly breakdowns:

Pro-rated signing bonus: $1,833,333
Base salary: $1.75 million (fully guaranteed)

Cap number: $3,583,333

Pro-rated signing bonus: $1,833,333
Base salary: $6.75 million ($3.375 million fully guaranteed)

Cap number: $8,583,333
Dead cap if cut: $7,041,666
Cap savings if cut: $1,541,667

2024 (Void Year)
Pro-rated signing bonus: $1,833,333

Dead cap hit: $1,833,333

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