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Bills’ stadium design details are trickling out

We won’t have a full image for a while

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

While the announcement of a new stadium deal for the Buffalo Bills was only a couple days ago, the team and government officials have been working on it for some time. The Bills are mostly in charge of the design, and have already invested years in determining what their front office, game day operations, and fans want for the stadium and some of those details are already starting to come out.

“Hopefully sooner rather than later. Realistically, we’re talking about a few more months,” said Ron Raccuia, an executive with Pegula Sports & Entertainment. “We may have some specific drawings that we can share on areas and concepts, but full-scale renderings will be sometime within the next few months.”

The stadium most are pointing to as an example for the new building in Western New York isn’t an American Football arena, but a Football Arena. Tottenham Hotspur soccer stadium in London was also designed by Populous, the architecture firm hired by the Bills, and includes an overhang of a vast majority of the seats like the one being planned in Orchard Park. The number of seats is also similar.

Underneath that canopy overhang will be “significant temperature controlled and heated areas distributed throughout.” Bills fans can expect to see wider concourses and gatherings areas, as the footprint for the building will double and the square footage comes in at 1.35 million square feet. There will be several behind-the-scenes improvements for game day staff, as well.