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Bills announce one-year deal with St. John Fisher to hold 2022 training camp

After a two-year hiatus, the Bills are back in Pittsford

The Buffalo Bills previously held their training camp at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY every summer since 2000. But for the last two years, due to COVID-19, the team moved things back to the Orchard Park facilities. The Bills announced Saturday that it’s heading back to Fisher!

We heard rumors that the Bills and Fisher were working toward an agreement last month. Mike Catalana with 13WHAM TV in Rochester said the Bills will “likely spend around two weeks at Fisher, from the end of July into August.”

“We’ve always enjoyed the set-up there and Sean and I both are strong believers in the camaraderie that you get and the bond you can build,” Bills GM Brandon Beane shared in the team’s press release. “Guys aren’t feeling the pressure to get home or anything like that, and that’s important. Obviously, we’re getting ready on the field but the trust that you build up with your teammates and coaches and staff is just as important, especially when you hit the rough patches, which every team hits at some point during the season.”

Another reason for using the fields at Fisher, per the release, is the ability to have fans in practice. They don’t currently have a set up for fans to see the field at the training facilities in Orchard Park.

Specific dates and times along with ticket info will be announced at a later date.