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Brandon Beane has sent strong signals about new punter this offseason

The Bills are looking for a new leg

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Way back on January 26, Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane gave his year-end press conference. At that press conference he talked about pretty much every area on the team from free agents, to holes on the roster. But the one topic where he was the most brutally honest? That was at punter.

After admitting that Matt Haack had an inconsistent season, he was very clear; Buffalo is looking at punters this offseason.

Beane might pull his punches on a lot of things, but when he’s this overt, it’s going to happen. Haack was packing his bags.

Sure, he held for Tyler Bass and was very good at it. Bass did a great job on extra points and field goals, and you saw how important the holder was in the Super Bowl. The punter has two jobs, and he was good at one of them and wildly inconsistent at the other one.

The biggest opinion you’re going to find in this article is a critical one of Beane from a year ago. Buffalo gave Haack a $1.05 million singing bonus and $1.2 million in fully guaranteed salary last offseason. They paid him $2.25 million to be that terrible. That’s top half of the NFL money in terms of annual cash as well as total compensation. Buffalo signed Haack on March 16, while Pro Bowler Bryan Anger was signed on April 7 for a lot less money. Anger had worked with Bills assistant special teams coach Matthew Smiley in Jacksonville, too.

The Bills need to release Haack by next week in order to keep his 2022 salary from guaranteeing and before they pay him a $250,000 roster bonus. We won’t have to wait long.