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Buffalo Bills get fair value for first-round trade up in 2022 NFL Draft


The Buffalo Bills moved up two spots to select Florida cornerback Kaiir Elam on Thursday night, and the trade value seems right in line with previous years. While some other trades were bargains for the team moving up, the Bills didn’t get such a great deal but they also weren’t moving very far.

Per the Pats Pulpit/Rich Hill chart, pick 25 is worth 229.88 while pick 132 is worth 17.68, a total of 247.56 while the 23rd selection is work 244.86. Per that chart, the Bills overpaid, but their next pick at 168 would have been far short. The value of a seventh-round pick isn’t enough to squabble over.

The Jimmy Johnson trade value chart from the early 1990s actually favors Buffalo. Pick 25 is worth 720 points while 132 is 42 points for a total of 762. Pick 23 is worth 760 points, so it’s a pretty fair deal, but Buffalo comes out slightly ahead.

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