NFL Musings and Observations (Trust)

It always amazes me when you look at the idea of trust. It is often a word that is over used and sometimes devalued but trust is needed in all relationships. Trust your partner, trust your coworkers, trust your boss and trust the process. I know I’m not speaking anything that could be considered revolutionary but it needs to be said that trust is needed.

Some fans took issue with the Bills and working the draft board as much as they have in the past two days. One trade up followed by two trade downs. Can I explain why they did this? Because the Bills trust their process. It is not my process or your process but it is their process. So when looking at this idea of trust and the players selected let’s look at them individually.

1. Elam/CB/Florida: The Bills had one huge hole on the roster and that was at CB. They admitted to wanting to look into it in free agency but it got to rich. So they went the way of the draft and grabbed on my boards the 3-4th best CB in this draft. Elam is a tier 2 CB which means in my book he is a second half of round one pick. The best were Stingley out of LSU and Gardner out of Cinci. So the Bills looked at what they wanted and I believe got the best for them. The Bills love zone and Elam has the length and instincts to play zone. His ball skills might be the best of this draft. Does he get too handset? Yes. This is why coaching matters. However his 4.39 40 yard dash is speed that can’t be taught and his length can’t be taught. The Bills will have to trust their coaching.

2. Cook/RB/Georgia: The Bills will pass the ball anytime, anywhere and any situation. So when I look at the James Cook selection I am seeing the Bills extending their running game. I have long believed that the running game is not specifically just hand offs from QB to RB but is also this idea of high probability throws for short yardage and letting the RB do the rest. This skill set is what Cook does best. He is not going to turn a 1 yard carry into a 20 yard Beast Mode run. Not his make up but he can take a 3 yard swing pass for a 30-49 yard run after the catch. Knowing this how do the Bills get teams out of a deep coverage scheme? Normally when teams play two safeties high traditional wisdom is to run them out of it and they will end up dropping a defender into the box. The other way as we saw against New England is high percentage throws to the RB. Cook provides this feature and also some gas. His 4.42 40 yard dash is specifically shown on tape. I personally in the field think he plays faster if you watch his tape. The Bills are protecting JA17 by bringing in a burner from the RB position.

3. Bernard/LB/Baylor: This wouldn’t of been my pick but let me shed some light as to why I believe the Bills wanted him. First off he is a strong locker room guy. He can run and run well just watch his tape. He is undersized and almost plays in a weird LB/Safety hybrid. Why is this important? Because the game is changing. Is he a starter? No, but as a sub-package player he has tremendous go and get it, over 100 tackles, 7.5 sacks. If you wanted the Bills to get Nakobe Dean but don’t like this pick I don’t know what to tell you. He can be swallowed by blockers but when he is running free he is good.

NFL Observations:

1. That was a wild first round but if I’m Lamar Jackson how thrilled are you they traded Hollywood Brown? How thrilled are you that they didn’t tell you? Good they picked up another WR but show respect to the franchise QB.

2. Patriots got slammed by the Rams laughing at the 1st round pick of Strange. Patriots bring in guard which many had going in the late second or early third round. They bring in a true burner of a WR which is great but come on Mac Jones isn’t exactly known for arm strength but rather timed throws so this feels like Corey Coleman. They finish it was a CB in the third round which felt like a third round pick. They did not add any speed to the LB corp.

3. Jets on paper had a great draft: Can’t be upset with the Jets they have done a great job… on paper.

4. Giants following the Bills model and building up the lines.

5. Browns haven’t moved Baker Mayfield yet this is getting comical.

6. Seahawks draft a RB when they have other and more pressing concerns. Sounds about right.

7. Titans are in a quiet rebuild. They know a Tannenhill can’t take them to the promise lane so big props for them starting to move pieces to reset.

8. Lions look to have an actual plan.

9. Kyle Brandt is awesome!

10. Cowboys having an odd draft.

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