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Buffalo Bills draft punter Matt Araiza to open sixth round


The Buffalo Bills have drafted a punter. Not just any punter, either. The Bills drafted PUNT GOD Matt Araiza to open the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The pick was obtained earlier in the draft during the trade back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 57 to 60 in the second round.

Araiza is firmly ahead of punter Matt Haack, who took a pay cut this offseason just to avoid being cut. Araiza, who also handled kicking duties for a chunk of time at San Diego State, will need to work on his holding for kicker Tyler Bass.

Araiza has earned the nickname “Punt God” due to his booming leg. He’s a bombs-away style of punter, and has 80-yard boots to his credit in college. He holds the NCAA record for 50-yard punts, 60-yard punts, and punt average. He’s a very willing tackler and is a super-athletic prospect, as well.

With few available paths to a roster spot, Araiza will have one much like when they drafted Tyler Bass a couple years ago.