You post-draft thoughts....

Hey Rumblers,

I personally wasn't crazy about the selection of James Cook. I hadn't really looked at much about him but what I saw didn't really impress me, including what seemed to be fairly pedestrian stats. And to know that Nakobe Dean was still on the board.. ugh!

BUT-- if he is indeed a great complement to the RB corps with his 2nd level ability and pass catching threat, and we get a steal in the 3rd round pick TERREL BERNARD (and his Sugar Bowl MVP performance carries over to the NFL), then this will have been the PERFECT draft! I say this because:

We got a day one starter in Kaiir Elam. Long and tough, but might need to work a bit on tackling. This was a great crop of CBs this year and we got one of the top group (I personally though we'd get Booth but this a better get IMHO). His few flaws can generally be ironed out by coaching, I'd imagine. If he and Tre can stay healthy from day one, it would be a tremendous boon to the D.

KHALIL SHAKIR- wow, I can't believe he fell this far! What a get-- a true multiple threat on offense, including RETURNING KICKS AND PUNTS! This may be my favorite pick, at least next to....

MATT ARAIZA. Wow. Punt God! Beane, you beautiful son of a bitch. Shanks for nothing, Haack.

And oh how nice it is to have luxury depth picks that aren't terribly consequential whether they can contribute or not, or can be stashed on practice squad to try to develop. CHRISTIAN BENFORD, BAYLON SPECTOR. Don't know how much they will sniff the field, and don't have to care too much. Good feeling to have!

One final thought, not specifically pick related.. when Kyle Brandt came up and went Randy Savage-level nutso in his announcing duties, I felt it was cringe-worthy at times and other times just laughable. Maybe I have to know the guy better (or live in western NY) to appreciate his zeal for the Bills, but it felt weird to me. I expected Mean Gene to be holding the mic when he announced the pick (wasn't it just the 3rd?). I did like how he brazenly declared the Bills were going to win the Super Bowl; I don't think any of the other celebrity announcers did.

What are your post-draft thoughts, folks? Bills or otherwise. Any UDFAs in mind? Or FAs to sign with our dwindling cap space?

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