Schedule looks interesting and it's been a great off season but my biggest worry is....

That when we get to the November/December home games, that the Bills will get pushed around and not be able to stop the run and not be able to run in the foul weather.... and that JA will be the go to for short yardage conversions in the nasty weather. He is certainly up to the task, but I don't like the risk involved. I think right now, I'd take the Bills against anyone if fair weather, home or away, but don't feel comfortable with how they will do in foul weather.

All in all, I find it hard to believe how far the team has come in the last ~4 years... From the long playoff drought to now being expected to go deep into the playoffs every year.... The whole organization, from owners, Beane, McD, to the quality and selflessness of the players reflects high standards, high expectations and a commitment to teamwork.. As someone who has seen some of the low spots, it is amazing to see the difference.

Maybe the OL will be improved and the RB's and JA will all be able to run more effectively and JA is certainly elite running the ball--I just think there's a need for a RB who can move the chains in foul weather. Does anyone else have a concern about the team with foul weather home games and having it be a difficult day to pass and having to rely too much on the running game (and JA carrying the ball a lot)?

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