2022-23 Special Teams…..

The Buffalo Bills have had solid coverage on kicks and punts since McBeane took over. We spend a lot of moolah to see that this is so. There is reason to Billieve that the coverage units could be even better this year. Why? The NFL draft brought not one but two smallish, fast and quick young LBs that absolutely bleed with the process. Both could make the team and remind us of kamikaze fighters this fall.

IMHO, we have one of the best kickers in the league in Tyler Bass. Bass-o-matic has great numbers yet plays in the wind at the Ralph. He’s still on the upswing and is as solid as they come so far.

Enter…. The Punt god. No one knows how much time it will take Matt Araiza to learn the NFL game but his talent is undeniable. He’s a great athlete that is a tough SOB and has maybe the livest leg in the NFL. His potential is best punter in the NFL. Let’s hope he a quick study and hits his ceiling.

When Andre Robert’s left the Bills he left two huge holes on the Bills Special Teams. He was both Kick Returner and punt returner. The Bills have a lot more possibilities heading into 2022-23…. I don’t see why James Cook couldn’t handle one of the jobs? Kahlil Shakir seems destined to take at least one spot and appears to be a natural. Isaiah McKenzie isn’t bad at kick offs. Maybe this is his year? Can One of new corners return? Lots of options this year… lots of youth.

Since the Bills hired Heath Farwell they have been ranked around tenth on average on STs overall. That isn’t bad at all but the Bills really invest heavily here. One thing I never really liked is that our Special Teams have seldom been dynamic. We usually play not to lose on special teams. I’ve always liked teams that always try to win in every phase. With Farewell gone and Mathew Smiley in maybe it’s possible we get a little more progressive on Special Teams.

Add all of this up and the likelihood that the Bills Special Teams for 2022-23 are highly improved. As we look for reasons why the Bills are the Super Bowl favorite we should include the vast potential of our special teams. The third part of football could pay big dividends this year. Remember how many games the Jim Kelly era won with superior Special Teams? Remember how good Steve Tasker was? Maybe the Bills relive some of that this year. I think we have the ingredients to give it a good go…

Go Bills!

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