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Plays That Defined 2021: Washington Football Team at Buffalo Bills

Dominance was the word of the day against this Football Team

Welcome to Plays That Defined 2021! This ain’t your usual game recap. Here’s what to do. Pretend you’ve just written a novel and it’s time to select the cover art. You want a single picture that tells the reader what it’s all about, right? That’s the deal here. Vote for the play that best tells the “story” of this game. Which GIF is the best “cover art” for...

Week 3: Washington Football Team at Buffalo Bills

At first it looked like Buffalo would run away with the game, going up 21-0 early in the second quarter. Washington clawed back to within one score and then Buffalo remembered that they really did want to run away with the game. A couple field goals to close the half were followed by three unanswered scores in the second half. Washington put up a garbage time TD to make it look a bit more respectable.

Emmanuel Sanders touchdown (Q1, 10:53)

The Buffalo Bills opened up scoring quickly, and Josh Allen put together a nearly perfect game. Four passing TDs, one rushing, and 358 yards. It was the first dominant Allen performance of the season. Pressure? What pressure?

Jordan Poyer interception (Q2, 11:48)

You can’t have a blowout without both sides of the ball putting together a good game. This Jordan Poyer interception allowed Bills to run up the score early. This was the second of three turnovers. The first two led to Buffalo touchdowns. The third led to a field goal.

Cole Beasley 22-yard catch (Q2, 0:20)

Buffalo was working on setting a tone early in the season. And that tone was aggression. Even though the half was dwindling and the Bills were in complete control, they tried to pull even further ahead of Washington. This long pass to Cole Beasley was part of a 51-yard drive in 26 seconds and ended with a field goal. Beasley had a big day, catching 11 of 13 passes for 98 yards.

Matt Milano tackle for loss (Q4, 11:42)

Even in desperation mode, Washington was shut down by Buffalo. Matt Milano’s fourth-down tackle for a loss ended this drive, highlighting another reason for the BIlls’ dominance. Buffalo allowed only two third-down conversions in 11 tries, and one of two fourth-down attempts. Clearly this was not the one they allowed.

Josh Allen rushing touchdown (Q4, 10:38)

After Milano’s stop the Bills had a short field. There was no reason to do anything but milk the clock, but Buffalo’s aggressive ways have no qualms with a superfluous touchdown or two.

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    Emmanuel Sanders touchdown
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    Jordan Poyer interception
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    Cole Beasley long catch
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  • 26%
    Matt Milano tackle for loss
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    Josh Allen Superfluous touchdown
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