Putting It All Together….

All Bills’Fans everywhere know our Offense is one of the top offenses in the NFL and barring injuries will remain so. A lot of fans think you just need the best QB to win a Super Bowl. Others think you need the whole offense to win a Super Bowl. Others say it’s defense that wins Super Bowls.

It’s BALANCE that wins Super Bowls though…. You need the whole schmear….. What do we have heading into the 2022-23 season?

Beane had to and did completely rebuild the Bills Defensive Line. Did he do a great job? We shall see. The new line features four things: The three young DEs. Groot, Boogie and AJ. Three high picks from the 2020 & 2021 drafts are our three young ends and they must play very well. They must win their share of one on one battles.

Plus we have the four new free-agents defensive linemen. Three of them are Defensive Tackles: DaQuon Jones, Tim Settle, and Jordan Philips. All three of these guys are going to have to have a big impact for us. They ultimate goal is to remove most of the double teams from Ed Oliver. Then there’s Shaq Lawson who is our fifth DE and brings both size and veteran experience to the DL. He has to help too. He is a very good run stopper. #3 is the aforementioned Ed Oliver. The three other DTs job is to take that double team off of Ed Oliver. Once the double is off can Ed make huge plays for us facing one on one blocks? He was unblockable one on one in college. The #9 pick overall needs to revise his comparisons as a poor man’s Aaron Donald. I think if the rest of the DL does their job, Ed’s big plays might skyrocket this year. We’ll see.

#4 is Von Miller. I left him all by himself as well as he is our highest paid defender now. But make no mistake, he is no longer good enough to effect an offense all on his own. The rest of the DL HAS to make the offense address the DL as a dangerous whole. Von needs a lot of one one looks.


Then, if all the improvements on the defensive line works we need to watch the return of our other impact defender, Tre White. We need his return badly and we need it to be 100%. That moment will be huge for us when we see Tre be Tre. But this year is very different as far as the Bills secondary is concerned. The Bills went out and got their choice at CB in the 2022 draft: Kaiir Elam. He’s big, strong and fast. He hits hard, he intercepts, he can lockdown a WR - probably even as a rookie once he adjusts to the pro game.
Once we put all of this defense together along with Tremaine & Matt and with any luck we have a shot at being a top defense in the whole NFL. I mean, even against good teams and good quarterbacks. If we can do that we stand a way better shot at hoisting the Lombardi but there is is a third part to playing football; Special Teams….

No one really mentioned this yet but much of the Bills 2022 draft focused on putting the Bills Special Teams on a whole ‘nuther level for the upcoming season.

First, We got the Punt God!!! Yes, he has tons to learn. But he may be the perfect lump of clay to create the best punter in the NFL. THE VERY BEST! Nuff said.

Then, we drafted not one, but two young, smallish, very fast LBs that bleed the process. Under McD the Bills always rank very high at coverage, maybe we make it to #1 this year? Maybe we have the guys to set up the blocks for these guys to make a huge return….

The guy who is probably going to return both kicks and punts for us Khalil Shakir. He was made for this. Just a tremendous fifth round pick we got a WR that should have been long gone. He is the new Gabriel Davis but he does returns as well….If the Bills want to lessen the load for the rook they might not look farther than James Cook. He has no experience returning but he looks the part. I think he could definitely do it as he is very fast natural receiver .

Mix all this special teams help up and add the Bass-o-matic, add brand new STs coach, Mathew Smiley who may bring some dynamic calls to the STs and we have the makings of a Super Bowl quality Special Teams Unit.

Add a crack STs unit to our offense and possible defense and we have ourselves the three units needed for a possible Super Bowl Team. Make no mistake fans, we are going to need all three.

We are going to need all three units plus our coaches to take the next step in becoming Super Bowl worthy coaches. Can Leslie and McD make adjustments playing the chefs? Can we design a better third and long defense when we play top QBs? Can new Special Teams coach and HC Sean McDermott make absolutely sure we use the right kick appropriate to the siuation? Can Leslie talk to sSean or Sean talk to Leslie making certain we are in the right defense for the situation? The Bills coaches have definitely come along from 2017 to that letdown 2022 game. I think they get by the chefs game and fix all the errors so they never happen again moving forward. I think they are the right coaches. They have paid the price to move on.

Winning a Super Bowl? It’s all all about balance. You need the whole enchilada. The QB, the OL, the weapons. The defense, the DL, the LBs and the secondary. It’s Special Teams, the kicker, the punter the returners, the blockers, the gunners. Then you need the right coaches putting all this together. I’m super happy about the Bills 2022-23 season because we have at least a very good shot of putting all the three units together with the right coaches. We have a great shot at winning the Super Bowl.

Go Bills!

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